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(love) story

13. 5. 2007
Roberto Filippi, a 27-year-old Italian man, became obssed by a girl he saw on the Milan metro. Everyday as he took the 8.23 train to the Duomo, Roborte watched his loved on from a distance, until one day he found the courage to present her with some flowers on the return train back to the suburbs.

She appreciated the gesture and they were soon going out together. It wasn´t long before ahe , Lorella, moved town, and of course Roberto had to give up his job to follow her.Then it was election time, and Lorella managed to persuade Roberto, a lifelong communist, to vote against his instincts, for a neo-Fascist party. Soon after that, Lorella was arrested for a suspected racial attack, but she got Roberto to swear in court that she had in fact been with him on the night in question. A few months later, Lorella left for the USA, and naturally, like a faithfull dog, Roberto followed her. In America, Lorella quickly became involved in satanic cult. When Lorella asked Roberto if he´d be prepared to act as a human sacrifice, for the first time in their relationship he managed to say " no " ...


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